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Cross Cultural

We bring communities together by making language learning interactive and fun while enhancing cultural awareness and cross cultural communication skills


An appreciation for the scientific process leads to better critical thinking.


Keeping up with changing technology is critical for future careers.

Reading & Writing

Strong reading and writing skills are essential to communicate all your amazing ideas.


Engineering is how we improve the infrastructure of our society and change our world in a positive way.


Arts and music make imagination and creativity blossom and they illuminate the meaning behind the other subjects we teach.


An understanding of mathematics is a base upon which other skills are built.



​3-5 Years Old

Mandarin-English dual immersion and STEM based Curriculum, inspired by Reggio Emilia Approach.




Cross Cultural Communication, Science, Technology, Reading & Writing, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics!



​Since 2021

Mandarin-English dual immersion inspired by Reggio Emilia Approach.


​Why Choose Us

Certified Childcare Center
Reggio Emilia inspired & STEM based curriculum
Mandarin-English Immersion Program
​Modern equipped classroom furnished with wide-open windows and transparent doors
Community Park as outdoor recess area

Open Enrollment

Preschool: 3-5 Years Old

After School: Grade K-5


​Camp: 4-12 Years Old




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Dan, OR

“We have only been here for a few weeks and we are super happy about everything.  It’s half day Chinese half day English bilingual immersion program.  Covid protocols are on spot, great communications so we know what’s happening there.   Small classroom setting (so precious during Covid) and caring teachers.  Our kids love going to school every day, and we feel safe and content too.  Hour: 8am to 6pm full day.  They also offer half days and 3/4 days a week programs.  Really flexible for families looking for different options.”​

Kobika Gu, CA

"My son went there for summer camps. The classroom was clean and neat. The teachers were professional and nice. He enjoyed the team work"

Emily, OR

“Best daycare/ preschool we have ever had our son at! The curriculum is amazing as is the quality of care. Best place in the Portland area as far as we are concerned! “

Lisa, OR

“This is a daycare / preschool that opens at 8:00am. My son, who is now 3, has been attending since it opened in June. There are only a few kids enrolled so far but it has been perfect for my son. He loves the teachers and the facilities are so nice – whoever designed it is brilliant; it even has a real toddler-size toilet that is so cute. Lots of great learning activities, daily hikes or trips to the nearby park. Half the day is in English and the other half is in Mandarin, and on Friday mornings they have a musician for time to sing and dance. What matters most in a daycare, though, is the people to whom you are entrusting your child. The teachers here really care and have really solid communication skills. I love dropping my son off and having him wave goodbye to me with a smile on his face—knowing he enjoys his time there and is learning a lot”

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2029-2033 NW Miller Rd.

Portland, OR 97229



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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 6:00 pm


9:00 am – 3:30 pm



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