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2024 Aug12-16-Ages 7-12-Lego Spike:Rescue Bots & Educational MineCraft:

2024 Aug 12-16 Summer Camp - 5 days - Age 7-12 - Lego Spike: Rescue Bots & Educational MineCraft: Traveling into the future - Xstream Learning Center



Morning Course:

Lego Spike: Rescue Bots  


Welcome to the Rescue Bot Operations Center, a place where robots have fun, compete, and go on exciting adventures. In this program, students will use the EFK Engineering Design Process to take on a variety of rescue missions using the LEGO® Spike Prime robotics kit. Students will learn to build robots and use block coding to design a route through earthquake rubble, rescue a snowmobile from an avalanche, search a trail for lost hikers, and much more.



Afternoon Course:

Educational MineCraft: Traveling into the Future


This class will immerse students in the expansive world of Minecraft, and will challenge student’s ingenuity and problem solving skills as they navigate through several engineering challenges. Students will learn how to use teamwork and manage resources like an engineer in the real world. Building in Minecraft allows students to experiment with designs and materials, all without the risks associated with building structures in reality.


Time :      9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Location: XSTREAM Learning Center, Forest Heights Village, 2029 NW Miller Rd, Portland, OR 97229 (Next to Heroes Cafe)

Phone:    503-914-9995

Full Day Tuition:   $429 


Full day students must bring a nuts-free lunch & snack.  (drinking water provided) 


Morning care is available from 8:00am to 9:00am at $70/week.

After care is available from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm at $110/week.



2024 Aug12-16-Ages 7-12-Lego Spike:Rescue Bots & Educational MineCraft:

  • 2024 Aug 12-16

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