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2024 Aug5-9 - Ages 4-7-Wings, Wheels, and Sails & Jr Environmental Engineering

2024 Aug 5-9 Summer Camp - 5 days - Ages 4-7 - Wings, Wheels, and Sails & Jr Environmental Engineering - Xstream Learning Center


Morning Course:

Wings, Wheels, and Sails


Guten Tag! Travel the world with Kelvin and our core of engineers as we explore the continents in just five days. Drive across the United States, build a boat to sail the Mediterranean, and fly to the Orient in this fun engineering experience. Join us on an amazing adventure as we engineer planes, cars, boats and rockets to travel the globe, and beyond.



Afternoon Course:

Junior Environmental Engineering


Are you ready to get down and dirty searching for solutions to some of our biggest environmental problems? In Junior Environmental, students ponder some truly “hot” environmental issues. Students in this class save endangered animals, help plants grow and create protection from the sun’s heat. By investigating natural process like erosion, animal adaptations, and plant growth; we discover ways that we as engineers can be inspired by the world around us to take on all sorts of challenges.


Time :      9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Location: XSTREAM Learning Center, Forest Heights Village, 2029 NW Miller Rd, Portland, OR 97229 (Next to Heroes Cafe)

Phone:    503-914-9995

Full Day Tuition:   $429 


Full day students must bring a nuts-free lunch & snack.  (drinking water provided) 


Morning care is available from 8:00am to 9:00am at $70/week.

After care is available from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm at $110/week.

2024 Aug5-9 - Ages 4-7-Wings, Wheels, and Sails & Jr Environmental Engineering

  • 2024 Aug 5-9

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